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First Aid Interactive Refresher


This First Aid interactive refresher activity provides emergency simulations with decision-trees to help students practice First Aid and Safety Management.

Product Description


This online First Aid interactive refresher activity provides the opportunity to:

  • Reinforce and test your knowledge of first aid and injury prevention
  • Practice critical decision-making or soft skills
  • Gain confidence to react appropriately in an emergency
  • Refresh first aid knowledge and skills between certification courses

This online First Aid interactive refresher activity is a collection of five engaging First Aid situations in which students answer a series of questions about injury prevention and First Aid. This innovative tool uses simulations of everyday injuries and medical emergencies in the workplace and at home to enhance learning and understanding of first aid. Content is based on the curriculum and standards covered in Canadian and American government-approved first aid courses.

By means of film, graphics and decision trees, scenarios outline important factors – like signs, symptoms and hazards – enabling students to learn, support and test their own decision making abilities in a given emergency.

This First Aid interactive refresher provides students with an opportunity to practice, reinforce and test injury prevention and first aid knowledge and skills in accordance with guidelines and standards of a certified First Aid course.

First Aid Interactive Refresher Activity Topics:

In this online First Aid interative activity, the following topics are covered:

  • injury prevention
  • universal precautions
  • directing bystanders
  • calling EMS/911
  • primary and secondary assessments
  • impaled objects
  • head injuries
  • facial injuries
  • bleeding
  • shock
  • anaphylaxis
  • chemicals in eye
  • diabetic emergencies
  • seizures
  • environmental emergencies
  • burns
  • heart attack
  • angina
  • cardiac arrest
  • stroke
  • asthma

FIRST AID INTERACTIVE REFRESHER ASSESSMENT: Testing is held throughout the refresher. Activities end with questions pertaining to topics. The test questions are designed to verify understanding of the material.
APPROVED: The Ministry of Human Services in Alberta approved these interactive refresher activities for inclusion in the online Standard First Aid course provided by IPSR.


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